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New High Temperature Adhesive - Sealant to 1000 °F  Now Available


Ossining, NY – December 30, 2013 – REFRACTOSEAL 100, a new flexible high temperature adhesive/sealant for use in bonding and sealing in extreme thermal cycling applications to 1000 º F, has been developed by Accumet Materials, Co., producer of advanced specialty materials. 

Accumet’s REFRACTOSEAL 100 adhesive is excellent for use at temperatures between organic and refractory based adhesives, exceeding the maximum operating temperatures of epoxies and silicones yet remaining flexible, unlike ceramic based cements.  REFRACTOSEAL 100 is a single component material exhibiting a high initial tack and viscosity that hold the cement in place and prevents running, yet allows good penetration into fibers and pores creating excellent bond strength on most surfaces, including metals, glass, ceramic, refractory insulation, gaskets and fiberglass.  Also, the material resists oxidation, alkali, acids and moisture.

 REFRACTOSEAL 100 is ideal for use in thermal cycling applications such as stoves, furnaces, heat exchangers, boilers and ovens. It is available in 11 ounce calking tubes and is very easy to use.  The cement is typically tack free in 30 minutes and will typically cure in air in 24 hours. Optimum cure is heat setting that takes 2-4 hours in normal stove, fireplace, and furnace start-up conditions.  Please contact Accumet Materials for additional information.




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