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Biodegradable Material for Removal of  Temporary Adhesives


Accu-Solv is an environmentally safe material used to remove temporary adhesives and waxes such as glycol phthalate used in semiconductor processing and machining, dicing and polishing ceramics and metals.  Accu-Solv is biodegradable and is an ideal replacement for solvents such as acetone and MEK.

Accu-Solv is a powder that when dissolved in hot water, dissolves waxes and oils and can also remove silicones, greases and  finishing compounds.  The material is compatible for use on silicon, iron, aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, magnesium and glass, and optical components.


 1.      Add 10-12 ounces of Accu-Solv powder to each gallon of water heated to 80-90 C and allow material to dissolve completely.

2.      For best results, water temperature of 80-90 degrees C should be maintained when parts are immersed.

 Note:     Some waxes may only soften during the initial immersion and should be removed manually.  The parts should be re-immersed to remove any residual wax.

3.      Rinse parts thoroughly. 

NOTE:  Using an ultrasonic cleaner greatly enhances the cleaning process. 



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