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Accumet Materials’ Aluminum Nitride ceramic material offers excellent thermal conductivity for use in semiconductor, microwave, optical, electronic and other high performance applications.   Aluminum Nitride is a cost effective, non-toxic alternative to beryllium oxide and has a thermal conductivity nearly eight times higher than alumina. 

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Thermal Conductivity


170 W/m-K (min)


Laser Diffusivity

Thermal Expansion

4.6 x 10 -6 in/in °C  typical


Electrical Resistivity

< 1013 Ohm-cm

Pressure Contact with Electrometer

Dielectric Loss Tangent

0.005 max @ 1kHz

Liquid Immersion

Dielectric Constant

8.9 +/- 1.0

Liquid Immersion

Dielectric Strength

14 kV/mm typical

Oil Immersion


3.30 g/cc


Mechanical Strength

35 ksi min average

Biaxial flexure

     APPLICATIONS                                     STANDARD SIZES

RF/Microwave Components                                    ●Thickness = 0.010” up to 0.125”

Power transformers and transistors                     Length & Width = up to 4.50” x 4.50”

Optical Switches                                            ●Surface finish = 30 µin. max.

Laser Diode sub-mounts


High frequency microelectronic packages         

 Accumet’s aluminum nitride ceramic can also be custom machined or pressed to customer specifications. Polished or metallized aluminum nitride substrates are also available.  Send us your drawings along with tolerances, quantity and application for a prompt quotation.

 Accumet also offers a complete line of standard size aluminum nitride powders and custom milled powders from -60 mesh to 0.5 µm as well as thin film material.  Ask for data sheet or contact us for details.


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