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EZ-Bond temporary mounting adhesive is a non-hazardous material ideal for temporarily mounting materials that require polishing, dicing, scribing and other machining processes. EZ-BOND exhibits high bond strength and adheres readily to metals, ceramics, composites, and glass. The adhesive is easily removed by reheating to its re-flow temperature of 125 C, and removing the residue in alcohol. EZ-BOND is available in standard size sticks, x x 6, and other sizes can be supplied upon request.


Property Units Value
Softening Point C 115 - 125
Color   50% in n-propanol
Gardner 6 Melt viscosity Brookfield, cps at 160 C 600
Acid Number   3
Amine Number   3
Ethanol Solubility  % Solids at Haze Point: In Anhydrous Denatured Ethanol 7
  In 190 proof Denatured Ethanol 26
Flash Point C 319 (605 F)

* Polishing and lapping single crystals, optical components and ceramics.
* Dicing and scribing crystals, glasses, piezoelectrics, semiconductors and metals.
* Machining ceramics, glass, refractories and metals.
* Temporarily mounting substrates for electron microscopy.

1) Heat a ceramic or glass mounting block to the flow temperature of EZ-BOND
    (115-125 C) using a hot plate or oven.
2) Apply a layer of EZ-BOND to the heated mounting plate and place the substrate  over the adhesive. Apply pressure evenly to the substrate to remove entrapped air. Allow EZ-BOND to flow around the perimeter of the substrate to increase the holding strength.
3) Remove the assembly from the heat source and allow it to cool slowly to room temperature until the adhesive is hardened.
4) To remove the parts, re-heat the assembly to 115-125 C. Use a tool to slide the substrate off, and rinse thoroughly in ethanol to remove all residue.


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