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Welcome to the Accumet Materials, your one-stop source for advanced materials for        research and production.  We can help you to locate, specify, and purchase the          following:

Tellurium Powder Now Available

High Performance Corrosion Resistant Powder for RF Applications

  High Porosity Titanium Plates Now Available

  Silicon Spray Grade Powder Now Available

High Thermal Conductive Micro-Spheres

  Metal Coated Micro-Spheres

  ExpancelTMDry Expanded Powder

  Ultra High Purity Tantalum

  Large Refractory Metal Single Crystals

  Osmium Single Crystals      


         Check our stock of CRYSTALS ON SALE!

  • Pure Metal Single Crystals & Metal Oxide Single Crystals.

  • Ultra-Pure Metals produced by electron beam or horizontal zone refining, chemical reaction and vacuum melting.

  • Pure Powders either atomized or reacted of pure metals, alloys, intermetallics and ceramics such as oxides, nitrides, silicides, etc., in a broad range of particle sizes including sub-micron and  nano-powders. Ready to Press Powders are also available.

  • High purity ceramic crucibles in Aluminum Oxide and Magnesium Oxide.

  • Aluminum Nitride powder, Aluminum Nitride substrates, bare and metallized, fabricated shapes, all to your specifications.  Now ...  Aluminum Nitride Thin Films!!!

We can also Thin Film Coat many materials onto your components.  Once you have identified your  desired product,  just click on the  Accumet Materials logo in the top left of each   page to go to the  Purchasing and Quotations Page.  Contact Us for other needs  not specifically described  on this site.   Watch the News & Events page for new   product introductions.  
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