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Metal Coated Hollow Ceramic Microspheres


Metal coated hollow ceramic spheres enable design engineers to manufacture high strength light weight parts.  Thermal conductivity can be varied and thermal expansion can also be controlled.


The Aluminum and Nickel coatings are 99+% pure, and have a consistent thickness.   Complete coverage and adhesion is guaranteed and the coatings are stable in air at room temperature.


These coated microspheres can be pressed or forged into light weight structures or substrates.  Parts formed using our microspheres are durable and machinable.  For best results, the powders should be added to other matrix materials (Mg, Al, Ni, Ti, Fe, etc.) in volumes of 10-40% depending upon the properties desired.


Typical Coatings


Aluminum 10-15 wt%

Nickel 20 wt%


Other metal coatings are available on request.



Typical Applications


EMI Shielding (Nickel Coated Spheres)

Magnetic Material (Nickel Coated Spheres)

Light weight components (Al, Ni)

Fillers for Plastics (Al, Ni)


Standard Particle Sizes Available


5-20 microns with an average particle size of 12 microns

20-100 microns with an average particle size of 42 microns

80-200 microns with an average particle size of 130 microns

Other sizes can be produced on request.



Average Particle Density

0.6 - 0.85 g/cc (44 lbs/ft3)

Average Bulk Density

0.35 - 0.45 g/cc (25 lbs/ft3)
Packing Factor 60% - 65%
Hardness Mohs Scale 5
Average Wall Thickness 5% - 10% Sphere Diameter
Melting Temperature 1200 - 1350 C (2190 - 2460 F)
Thermal Conductivity

0.11 Wm-1K-1

Loss on Ignition

2% maximum

Surface Moisture

0.3% maximum

Crush Strength

105-210 kg/cm2 (1500 - 3000 psi)

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