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Optical Single Crystals are used in physics, optics, and electronic research applications.   In Physics, they are used in EMR and NMR measurements, energy level and discoloration studies.  In Optics, they are used  as Ultraviolet and Infrared transmitting windows, prisms and lenses, and crystal field and laser studies.  In   Electronics, they are used as microelectronic substrates, x-ray monochromators and  satellite borne radiation detectors.  Here is a partial list of the Optical Single Crystals  we offer.  Contact Us   for price and delivery.


Lanthanum Aluminate Magnesium Oxide Rutile   (TiO2) Rutile (doped) Sapphire
Spinel Strontium Titanate Silicon  (semi-conductor grade) Cubic Zirconia (Yittria Stabilized) Prisms of Calcite or Rutile



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