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Osmium Single Crystals Now Available for Research


Briarcliff Manor, NY – October 22, 2004 - Accumet Materials, Co., one of the world’s leading producers of high purity metal single crystals, has developed a process enabling the growth of an osmium single crystal.

Using an electron beam float zone refiner, Accumet Materials, Co. has produced an osmium crystal measuring approximately 5/16” diameter x 1.0” long.  The crystal is very pure and is an excellent specimen for

               Osmium Single Crystal

studying surface chemistry and catalytic reactions.  Osmium is very hard and exhibits low friction. The material has been used to coat ball point pen tips and in other low-friction applications. 

Accumet’s osmium crystals are produced per customer specifications on a custom basis.  Contact Accumet Materials, Co. for pricing and availability for osmium and their complete line of high purity metal crystals.

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