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Briarcliff Manor, NY  -  November 5, 2004  -  Metallurgists at Accumet Materials, Co., in cooperation with other well known scientists, have developed a powder metallurgy process which enables Accumet to supply porous zirconium plates used in high pressure hydrogen and oxygen generating systems.

Accumet’s powder metallurgy process allows for production of porous structures not attainable by conventional metallurgical processing.  Accumet’s porous

zirconium plates are used where high pressure is encountered in hydrogen and oxygen generating systems, stand alone hydrogen generators, and  hydrogen cooling systems.  In addition, these zirconium filters have been used to purify hydrogen for microelectronic applications and in life-support systems where oxygen is generated.  Porous Zirconium plates may replace titanium porous plates in applications when hydrogen embrittlement of titanium is an issue.

Standard plate sizes are .0125” thick x 4.5” x 4.5” and 7” x 7”. They are 50% porous and a typical pore size of 10 microns. Plates as long as 22” x 18” have also been produced in quantity for production applications. Tube  filters can be supplied up to 2.0” diameter and 20” long.  Size, shapes and porosity can be tailored to meet customer specifications.  For a prompt quotation send size specifications, porosity required, tolerances, quantity and application.



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