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ACCUMET MATERIALS Co. supplies a wide range of materials in powder form and offers custom powder processing services. Gas, Water, and Oil atomization and reactive synthesis processes are used to make metal and Intermetallic powders.   Post-processing operations such as milling and sieve or air classification can be used to produce mean particle sizes down to 5 microns. 

Most nonferrous metals and alloy powders including difficult to process ones such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium are produced using our custom designed atomization equipment.  

Aluminum Nitride Powders

Accumet now offers a full line of Aluminum Nitride Powders

"Ready to Press" 96% & 99% Alumina Powders

Ready to press preformulated alumina powders 96% and 99% pure are now available.  These powders can be formed into dense alumina ceramic components via uniaxial or cold isostatic pressing and sintering. 

Secondary Tungsten Powder

Accumet Materials Co.. is now supplying low-cost  98% pure tungsten heavy metal powder.  Now, there is no longer a need to use lead depleted uranium, or any other ecologically unsuitable material for high density applications.

Intermetallics & Silicides

In addition to metals and alloys, powdered silicides (MoSi2. ZrSi2 etc), intermetallics
 (NiAl,NiAl3, 24%Fe-76%Zr, etc.), an unlimited number of complex metal oxide systems, and metal matrix composites, are regularly produced.  

Advanced Thermal Spray Powders

Accumet Materials has introduced a new line of specialty powders for Thermal Spray applications.  These are used top produce a variety of hard coatings.

For special requirements inquire about our custom powder processing services.  We will convert your materials including refractories, minerals, metals or resins into powders with specified particle sizes.  


  Aluminum  Nickel Alloys Titania
  Indium Tin Solders
  Chromium Silicon Zirconia
  Cobalt Stainless Steels Tungsten Carbide
  Cobalt alloys Tantalum Other Carbides
  Copper  Titanium Silicides
  Magnesium Tungsten Intermetallics
  Molybdenum Alumina Rare Earth Metals
  Nickel Manganese Precious Metals


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