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Ossining, NY June 11, 2013  Accumet Materials, Co., a world leading supplier of unique materials now offers Tellurium powder in purities from 99% to 99.999% in sub-micron particles sizes and up.

Tellurium is added to steel, copper, and lead to produce free machining alloys.  It is added to rubber to reduce curing time and increase resistance to heat and wear.  Combined with bismuth, bismuth telluride, thermoelectric components are created to be used as refrigerants.  Today it is alloyed with cadmium to produce CdTe, cadmium telluride, used in the manufacture of infrared sensitive semiconductors, optical discs, fiber glass, blasting caps and to color ceramics.

Scientist and engineers are continually finding new uses of this unique element.  For additional  technical information, pricing and availability, please contact Accumet Materials at sales@accumetmaterials.com, or call 914.762.1540.

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