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Silicon Spray Grade Powder Now Available


Ossining, NY March 26, 2010 - Accumet Materials, Co., supplier of high purity

powders, now produces several new silicon spray grade powders which can be used for

spray grade applications.  The powders vary in purity and particle size designed to meet

customer specifications.


Accumet's spray grade silicon powders are designed to flow easily and contain a minimum of very fine particles to avoid clogging spray equipment. Grade AMC SI-1 is 99.9% pure with a particle size of -140/+200 mesh.  Grade AMC SI-2 is also 99.9% pure with a particle size of -100/+325 mesh.

When high purity is not required, Grade AMC SI-3 which is 98+% pure is available in various particle sizes and is less expensive.  The silicon spray powders provide a smooth coating when properly applied.


For technical information, pricing and availability, please contact Accumet Materials at sales@accumetmaterials.com, or call 914.762.1540.




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