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Large Refractory Metal Single Crystals Now Available


Briarcliff Manor, NY – November 13, 2006 - Accumet Materials, Co., a world leader in the production of high purity materials and single crystals can now supply very large crystals of Tungsten, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Niobium, etc. 


The crystals are produced from metals purified by various zone refining procedures.  They are then grown by electron beam zone refining, Czochralski, Bridgman, and other proprietary techniques.  Crystal sizes range from 0.005 inch to over 1 inch in diameter up to 12 inches long.  Orientations within +/- 1/2° can be supplied and surfaces can be polished to 0.04 microns.

Accumet’s very pure single crystals allow research scientists to accurately study surface chemistry, catalytic reactions, sonic reactions, atomic structure, etc.  Contact Accumet Materials, Co. for pricing and availability for their complete line of high purity metal crystals.


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